We are convinced that markets contribute to growth and development. For this reason, we work to ensure the free formation of prices, protect transactions and transform the capital market, expanding its scope and simplifying access for all types of people.

Founded in 2019, Matba Rofex was born from the merger of two markets with a centuries-old tradition in the trading of futures and options in Argentina, Mercado a Term de Buenos Aires SA and ROFEX SA

Matba Rofex offers negotiation tools to meet the needs of users in an area that ensures the free concurrence of supply and demand, and the formation of prices with absolute transparency.


Argentina Clearing and Registration: Clearinghouse, authorized by CNV. Clears, settles and guarantees the Trades carried out at Matba Rofex. www.argentinaclearing.com.ar

Primary: software company controlled by Matba Rofex. It is a leading provider of transactional services and solutions for exchanges, banks, agents and investors in Latin America. www.primary.com.ar

ESCO systems: A leading company in the financial software market, since 1991 it develops, markets and implements its own applications. Specialized in the Stock Exchange and the Common Investment Funds market. www.sistemasesco.com.ar

UFEX: is the first futures and options market in Uruguay. List dollar contracts and fat steer. www.ufex.com.uy

MATba ALyC: created with the purpose of providing an alternative for the administration and registration of positions for Trading Brokers. www.matba.com.ar/alyc

MATba Foundation: Dissemination and training in futures and options markets. www.fundacionmatba.org.ar

MtR School: We design training activities to professionalize market participants, as a fundamental factor for its development. mtrschool.com.ar